An iPhone 6s Review Just For You!

This iPhone 6s Review is just for you! Because this iPhone 6s Review is full of nothing but praise at this brand new smartphone offering. Apple has finally made the change that has taken a long while for them to make. The iPhone 6s not only has a much bigger screen than before. It also is a smartphone that does indeed match the experience that Android users have been knowing for years now. All those Apple fans out there that have adored having their 3.5 inch screens on their old phones. Can finally dump their old iPhones phones and admit finally that big is indeed the better choice.

Don’t take what is being said here and over at in the wrong way okay. Because we aren’t saying that previous versions of iPhones are bad. This just isn’t true. We are just saying that they aren’t right for us. The iPhone 6s has changed things for the better. Let’s talk about why this is so.

iphone6USA Whole New Design And Looks!

First of all, the new iPhone 6s is much bigger, let the truth be known. This is it. iPhones have always been the best looking of all phones and very nice too. However, the screen was sort of on the small side, and this did make for some grumble. Now, in comes, the new iPhone 6s with its much bigger screen of 4.7 inches. This is the bigger screen that many have been wanting for a long time. This screen is perfect and makes for the perfect iPhone.

Would you like more info? If the answer is yes, please do read on, as we have more about this new phone.

Apple has managed to pull out the magic fairy dust, as well as, rare unicorn horns to manufacture this amazing smartphone. This is because it has a truly gorgeous and knock out kind of beauty. This overwhelming beauty is comprised of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and glass. The seamless phone body does ooze nothing but class and sophistication. There is nothing with an Android badge that can touch it. Apple has given this phone a whole new display. It is on the thin side. A very shockingly thin 6.9 mm. The side buttons are something that has also been re-engineered to work perfectly along with the much larger new design.

The weight of this device has definitely increased to that of 129 grams. However, it is still far lighter than any Android device, which makes it very nice. This is the fairy dust very much at work.

There is also a new 64-bit A8 processor that is much faster than before. The new iPhone 6s just like the iPhone 5s does use an M8 motion coprocessor. It has a range of advanced sensors that does include a new barometer.

The memory options that are available do include 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB.

ios-8It Runs iOS 8

What is also great about the new iPhone 6s is this. It runs the IOS 8. This is a whole new enhancement. In addition to, the much bigger display, which does make this smartphone stand out all the more.

The Conclusion is this – Buy It!

Many have had a love-hate relationship with Apple over the years. Nonetheless, this new iPhone 6s is swinging a whole new pendulum, and this pendulum is now back swinging in the love direction.

The iPhone has always been the very best-looking phone out there. But now things have come home with the new iPhone 6s. Apple has definitely beefed up the hardware big-time with this phone. This isn’t just about the much bigger screen design either. The new iPhone 6 is the whole package!